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A Statement about the COVID Situation 

This year has been particularly challenging for artists and creators of culture all around the world as governments have been unable or unwilling to support us and other self-employed professionals whose income depends on events that involve gatherings of people in sometimes large numbers.  

Creative projects, such as studio recordings, tours, and other fascinating events that enrich our society, have been cancelled or delayed indefinitely.  Concerts and festivals were cancelled, and while professionals in other occupations continued to work from their home offices and receive income, this was not the case for artists. Thankfully, many have been able to find ways to pay their bills through online teaching, but online broadcasts of concerts may have done more (financial) damage than good. 

As we hopefully emerge from the health, social and economic consequences of COVID, I am asking everyone who is in a position to make a positive difference in a creator’s life to do so. When you book a band or solo musician, take this opportunity to understand their situation, and please don’t ask musicians to perform for free or for a meal, or other creative people to provide their services without financial compensation. If you are financially able to bless musicians because your profession was not impacted, try to do that.  Remember, the income musicians earn in the year(s) after COVID will in some part go to cover debts or shortfalls incurred during COVID.  We thank you for it.




Probably the most exciting news is the fact that in deciding to make lemonade out of the lemons COVID brought, I was able to compose, revisit and arrange a number of new and old works.  As a result of this process, there are now so many new compositions that it is likely that (almost) no compositions prior to 2013 will be included in the studio album recording. It is even possible that there are enough compositions for a two-album recording. The compositions have given rise to a particular instrumentation:  4-piece rhythm section plus Flügelhorn, Bass Clarinet, and Trombone.  Aside from a warmer sound, this allows for an intriguing color palette while still maintaining the simplicity and space of a smaller ensemble.  I’m super excited about it, and the personnel is beginning to take shape.  I’m also blessed to have the excellent composer Jochen Neuffer providing advice. 

Baritone Guitars 

I have been spending a lot of time on my gorgeous new Brunner baritone jazz guitar.  Lukas Brunner has just finished building a second, acoustic baritone guitar for me (pictures to follow) about which I’m also super excited. 


Thanks to Reto at Fürst Guitars, I’ve been able to completely overhaul my effects board.  I’m super happy with it.  Next step is to sell superfluous equipment and upgrade my amplifier situation.  Trying to not suffer from G.A.S., but it's difficult.... 


Restrictions are still in place in Switzerland and may be tightened as a potential second wave seems to gather momentum, but here’s hoping it will soon pass. Nevertheless, concert opportunities are scarce.  

Trigger Concert Big Band 

The entire 2020 season of TCBB concerts has been cancelled, as well as our yearly collaboration with international guests in November.  Nevertheless, we did a short recording of Jochen Neuffer’s TCBB Intro composition and we may be able to resume performing in Fall. We will see, and news will be posted here.

New Tracks

I've uploaded a few more tracks of a duo concert in Germany with fine guitarist Boris Frenzl some time ago. Go and check them out on the LISTEN  / DUOS page



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