Creative Process Patronage (CPP)

I am working on a new project which gives members the opportunity to gain insight into the creative process I use to compose.  Here is a quick summary, a glimpse of the nature of the project:


The creative process of an artist leads to the creative product. The product is desirable to the public either as an object or as an experience (or both), usually in an emotional sense. Certain members of the public (hobbyists, aficionados, but also self-motivated learners on a variety of skill levels) are interested in the methods artists use to create the emotional product or experience either because they appreciate and are interested in the process or want to acquire new skills themselves. 

The creative process is time-consuming, sometimes based on trial and error, and ultimately unpaid.  This makes the creative product or experience theoretically expensive and difficult to bring to fruition without public support.  

The artist must sometimes supplement her/his income with work which, although it contributes to paying the bills, is not beneficial  to artistic development and production.  This, in turn, can have a detrimental effect on the artist and future creative production. 

Interested members of the public can support the creative process already rather than merely purchasing the product, thereby providing 1) insight into the creative process and 2) a product or experience at a reduced price. 

Support of the creative process, or creative process patronage (CPP) is a form of patronage but without the distance between patron and artist (unless desired). 

There are several aims of the Creative Process Patronage:

1) to release the artist from forms of employment that are detrimental to the creative process and to artistic development.  

2) to provide tailor-made, personal insights to members who would otherwise have to seek more formal and therefore often rigid educational avenues. 

Broadly speaking, the benefit to the public is a greater quantity of creative products and experiences at a higher level and artists with a greater quality of life.  The art-experiencing public subsequently also has a greater quality of life.

Watch this space for further details. You can also contact me with ideas regarding this project.   


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