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Hi Everyone,

This website is almost finished now. In the meantime, there are some news I'd like to share.

I have been rehearsing my music with a variety of great musicians, though I haven’t settled on the lineup yet. I had a great time playing through my pieces with the wonderful pianist Jean-Yves Jung at his home in France. Other projects include a duet with the powerful German jazz singer Nicole Metzger that is beginning to take shape, and another duet with super-tasteful guitarist Boris Frenzl.

The Zürich gigs were great fun, and it was wonderful to be playing with the excellent Fridolin Blumer on bass.   In August, I also did a gig with Swiss musicians Fernanda Ramos (vocals), Gregor Müller (keys), Fridolin Blumer (bass), and Pius Baschnagel (drums), which was great fun.  The next day, I played a beautiful small duo gig with Jean-Yves Jung.

I kicked off the new concert series at Konfetti in Neustadt on 4 October 2015 with Boris Frenzl, who joined me to play through a fun and crazy history of the jazz guitar.   You can read a lead-up interview and a concert review on the Bio/Press page. The next concert in the series is on Sunday 8 November, and I will be joined by the illustrious bassist Johannes Schaedlich. Again, you can book through my website. Watch this space for more on the concert series.

I visited the Frankfurter Musikmesse with Ernst Weinbach of Liberty Music and performed at the Eastman Guitars stand, where I also had the privilege of finally meeting my favorite luthier and all around nice guy Claudio Pagelli and his lovely wife, Claudia.   I will continue my artist endorsement activities for Eastman at the Archtop Forum 2015 in Kandel on 21 November.

New material (pics, music, video) will be added to the site soon.  

See you soon!